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The Esagoff Law Group, P.C. represents our valued clients in diverse real estate matters. We take a personal approach to each of our client’s real estate transactions, and work closely with each client from beginning at the contract negotiation stage, to end at the closing table and even beyond.

The sale or purchase of real property is a significant financial transaction, whether for the first-time homebuyer or savvy investor. We are experienced real estate attorneys and regularly handle the sale of condominiums, co-operative apartments and single and multi-family properties.

In this mobile and virtual society, we employ all modern technologies so we move the deal forward minimizing the usual delays in the process. Typically, we are in contact with our clients and adversaries on a 24/7 basis, by text, email and even social media.

We are honored that many investor-clients retain us as general counsel for their real estate work, in their deal - making, contract matters and litigation needs.

At the Esagoff Law Group, we are personally committed to providing our clients with the highest level of professional legal service available. We strive to meet your goals, and exceed your expectations.

There’s a lot of paperwork involved with buying, or selling real property. A purchase and sale agreement, (PSA), is a document that is drafted and negotiated, usually by attorneys, on behalf of a buyer and seller upon mutually agreed upon terms pertaining to the subject transaction. The PSA includes specific material details and specific contingencies the parties have agreed to. There must be a full accounting and disclosures so each side can take stock of potential liabilities and risks. As often with real estate transactions, there is a "contract of sale" that is fully executed and delivered, and upon performance by both parties in accordance with their respective obligations, the transaction culminates at the "closing" of title to the subject property. Same goes for sale of a business, or other assets. Thinking of buying or selling an important asset? Call us, lets talk about your goals and how we can safeguard your interests.

A lease agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant that rents the owner's property to the named tenant in exchange for rent, made as monthly payments. The first month’s rent and security deposit are generally paid when signing the agreement. After the lease is signed, the tenant is given access to the property at that time, possession is granted. Being a landlord is a business, so it is critically important to "vet" your tenant prior to entering into a lease, to avoid problems later. Recall that "Possession is 9/10 of the law". Getting a defaulting tenant out of possession can be hugely challenging, (and costly) given NYS civil court proceedings for eviction. Call us today if you have any questions about leasing and/ or steps you can take to avoid housing court.

Private lending refers to funding from sources not defined by regulators as “public lending institutions” – which is how the federal government describes banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, and other conventional sources of financing. With 'hard money" lending, as an alternative to traditional lending, individuals lend their own capital to other investors or professionally managed real estate funds. Often the loaned funds are secured by a mortgage against real estate. At ELG, we represent both private lenders and investors seeking private lending and equity. We are here to assist you with your financing needs.

A 1031 exchange is a swap of one real estate investment property for another that allows capital gains taxes to be deferred. The term gets its name from Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

A 1031 exchange can only be made with like-kind properties, and Internal Revenue Service rules limit its use with vacation properties.

There are also tax implications and rigid time frames that must be taken into consideration.

  • The rules can apply to a former principal residence under very specific conditions.
  • Proceeds from the sale must be held in escrow by a third party, then used to buy the new property.

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Esagoff Law Group operates on a flat fee structure. Unlike most firms whose fee arrangements are based solely on hours, Esagoff Law Group offers flat fees that can take the form of a fixed fee, a fixed monthly retainer, or a partial contingency fee.




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Janet is an amazing attorney who cares deeply about her clients and helping them not just taking on another case. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who is looking for a good attorney with a good outcome.

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We experienced a lengthy disagreement with our landlord that lasted nearly a year. However, thanks to the prompt action and efforts of Janet and her team, the situation was promptly addressed. Their persistence ultimately led to a resolution with our landlord, and we are extremely satisfied with the assistance and guidance they provided us throughout the process.

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Real Estate Service

The team at Esagoff Law Group were thorough and helped me resolve my matter quickly and fairly. They were quick to reply to my questions and help me weigh up the pros and cons of court or settlement.

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Personal Injury

Janet did a very thorough job handing my personal injury case. She investigated all possible avenues to insure the best possible outcome given the circumstances of my case. Janet is responsible, honest and caring. I can highly recommend her services.


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The ESAGOFF LAW GROUP, P.C. is an innovative and dynamic law firm, offering real value and solutions to our our individual, business and pro-bono clients.

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