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We provide general counsel to businesses as part of their legal department. At a low monthly fee, we can do contract review, drafting, leases, warning letters and the like. ELG has proven to be a valuable resource to busy enterprises in getting their disputes resolved short of litigation.

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We draft agreements of all kinds. We will work with you to make sure you and your business are protected from beginning to end.

A partnership agreement should include details such as the purpose of the partnership, ownership interest, decision-making process, responsibilities and liabilities of each partner, what constitutes a default, notice provisions, dispute resolution procedures, and continuity and succession planning.

In a settlement, both parties agree to a resolution and final outcome of claims. If you are out of court, we can assist in drafting and negotiating a settlement agreement to avoid court altogether. In NYS, most court cases are settled rather than proceeding to trial-- which generally saves time and money. Once a case is commenced, a settlement agreement, also known as a Stipulation of Settlement, is drafted and signed by all parties. When you enter into a Stipulation of Settlement that is filed with the court, you are making a binding legal agreement that must be followed. As your counsel, ELG attorneys will be able to explain and answer any questions about the settlement agreement. You do not have to settle your case if you believe that what you are being asked to do in the agreement is grossly unfair. It is your right to have a trial and we can explain the cost/ benefit scenario of either settlement or proceeding to trial. As it is often said, a "good settlement is when both sides hate it.

Bylaws and resolutions are the initial decisions of your corporation's board of directors and basic "operating rules" of your corporation. An operating agreement is a key document used by LLCs because it outlines the business' financial and functional decisions including rules, regulations and provisions.

At ELG, we can assist you in drafting operating agreements, corporate resolutions, bylaws and other legally binding, operative documents. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Esagoff Law can help you decide which formation is best for your business needs. There are a lot of factors to consider, mainly involving tax law.

For more information on LLCs and different business entities, click here

We also offer a free consultation to evaluate your business entity needs, give us a call today.

An escrow account provides a secure and impartial way to protect both individuals and entities during a transaction by not releasing the funds until all of the deal's conditions have been met. This can help prevent fraud mismanagement and other problems that can arise.. This is a common scenario during real estate transactions. At ELG, as trusted fiduciaries, we can assist you with escrow arrangements.

NYS Notaries Public are "commissioned" (i.e., licensed) by the NYS Secretary of State. Notarial functions include:

  • Administering oaths and affirmations;
  • Taking affidavits and depositions
  • Receiving and certifying acknowledgments or proof of such written instruments as deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney
  • Demanding acceptance or payment of foreign and inland bills of exchange, promissory notes and obligations in writing, and protesting the same for non-payment

At ELG, we have several notaries public on staff, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, by appointment.

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Esagoff Law Group operates on a flat fee structure. Unlike most firms whose fee arrangements are based solely on hours, Esagoff Law Group offers flat fees that can take the form of a fixed fee, a fixed monthly retainer, or a partial contingency fee.




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Janet is an amazing attorney who cares deeply about her clients and helping them not just taking on another case. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who is looking for a good attorney with a good outcome.

Landlord/Tenant Dispute


We experienced a lengthy disagreement with our landlord that lasted nearly a year. However, thanks to the prompt action and efforts of Janet and her team, the situation was promptly addressed. Their persistence ultimately led to a resolution with our landlord, and we are extremely satisfied with the assistance and guidance they provided us throughout the process.

Real Estate Client

Real Estate Service

The team at Esagoff Law Group were thorough and helped me resolve my matter quickly and fairly. They were quick to reply to my questions and help me weigh up the pros and cons of court or settlement.

Personal Injury Client

Personal Injury

Janet did a very thorough job handing my personal injury case. She investigated all possible avenues to insure the best possible outcome given the circumstances of my case. Janet is responsible, honest and caring. I can highly recommend her services.


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